Tellus UF-810XTD
Ultrasound Doppler Scanner
Ultrasound Doppler ScannerUltrasound Doppler Scanner

Full Digital Multi-Purpose Ultrasound System
Tellus UF-810XTD

Digital Platform Architecture

The leading-edge technologies adopted for high-end system are unstintingly incorporated into the UF-810XTD. These technologies include the newly developed digital beamformer ASIC and the dedicated high-speed FXT processor which enables software control of all imaging processes.
  • Fully Digital and software controlled system
  • Advanced F-XTD Imaging Technology
  • High Resolution 15 inch CRT Monitor
  • High Density and Wide Band Probes
  • Quick Boot up Time
  • Active 2 probe ports
  • CWD mode Display (option)
  • High frequency Imaging up to 14MHz
  • User friendly Interface with backlit intuitive keys
  • Multiple Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Digital Image workstation provided
  • Digital Motion-image Recording capability(option)
WeightApprox. 115 kg
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