FFsonic UF-4300R
Ultrasound Scanner
Ultrasound ScannerUltrasound Scanner

Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging Equipment
FFsonic UF-4300R

Multi-Purpose LCD Portable Ultrasound with Battery and Bult-in Printer
  • 10.4-inch TFT Display
  • Multi-Frequency Function enables selection of 3 frequencies in each Transducer
  • High-End Image Control Function as Zoom, Image Processing, and Variable Focal Zones
  • Wide Band, High sensitivity New optional probes
  • Small 10R Micro Convex Probe available
  • B, B/B, M, and B/M Mode display
  • General Calculation Package for OB, Distance, Area, Volume, and Cardiovascular
  • OB Calculation shown on report page
  • Optional Battery Operation (Approx. 90minutes)
Dimensions33.6(W) x 20.6(panel close)(D) x 33.3(H)cm
33.6(W) x 43.0(panel open)(D) x 33.3(H)cm
Weight12 Kg
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