The main activity of MEDICOM is to supply medical equipment but MEDICOM has also annexes activities for which the Company is also very well invested.
Regular maintenance of all types of medical equipment and UPS MEDICOM's main activity is to supply medical equipment and also their regular maintenance. This for all types of medical and general equipment installed by ourselves. Our company manages a Service department, held by trained overseas engineers graduated from ITC (Institut de Technologie du Cambodge).
Regular maintenance of all types
of medical equipment and UPS
MGE UPS Company in Cambodia As representative of MGE UPS SYSTEMS, we provide installations and after sales-services.
Worldwide leader of UPS (France)
Industrial Machines-Ink-Jet Printers & Labelling from Imaje We provide also industrial Ink Jet printers with the largest products identification solution provider in the world MARKEM-IMAJE.
Industrial Ink Jet printers 
MEDICOM AGRO Moreover MEDICOM AGRO participates in innovative agricultural projects. We have the skillness to install fish, pig, chicken and prawn pellets machineries. We can also design many others agricultural equipment.
AGRO equipment installation 
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